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candise dqannile June 5, 2013
hey can i miss u so much i miss him so much i love yall ... o its erica webb
Hey Baby , tomorrow is Thanksgiving ..another day of missing you !!! I love you Daniel and I know I say it all the time but I miss you so much !!! I know you and your angel friends will be having a big Thanksgiving dinner ..cause you love to eat LOL !!! Keep an eye on us and stay near to us as you always do !!! I love you always , your momma xoxoxo
If I could visit heaven, Even for a day,Maybe for a moment,The pain would go away, I'd put my arms around you,And whisper words so true, That living life without you,Is the hardest thing to do. No matter how I spend my days,No matter what I do, No morning dawns or evening falls,...When I don't think of you ♥Daniel...♥...  I love you Daniel and I think of you everyday !!! I dream about you sometimes the dreams seem so real like you're still here ..then I wake up and realize it's not so ...I wish I could have one more day with you ...but like the song goes it would leave me wishing more time with you...just know that my love for you will never go away were my first true love were my firstborn sweet and yes you could be sweet ..I want you to know Daniel I treasures every minute I spent with you ..the last 2 years the bond between you and I was so strong and I will never forget that ..but it's like I said I really do believe it was Candace who saved you ....she's the reason why you and I became close ..I owe her for that ....and your babies they are so sweet ..Kelsey is so much like you ..she has that Daniel attitude's so funny to watch her ..and Kadyn is a babydoll ..he is the most precious little boy he is an angel ....also Jadin says he loves you and misses Uncle Daniel ..he talks about you all the time....we all miss you so much Daniel ...check in on all us every now and then you always , momma
Love you sweetie aways !!!!
Hey baby today is Halloween of your favorite days !! I miss you Daniel ..there is not a day that I don't think of you !! Watch over us my sweet son and stay close to us always !! I love you with all my heart !!! momma
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