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Jim's Mom Christmas 2012 December 13, 2012
Paula Collum Merry Christmas! December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


Bette Clark May your memories bring you JOY thru the holidays December 10, 2011
Shirley Silva July 4th July 2, 2011
Barb/Nicky's MOM Have a Blessed Mother's Day May 8, 2011
Barbara Pisano Thank You so very much February 25, 2011
From where we reign,we thank you so
For your kind remembrance of us and our families below
We had a beautiful day,cause all were there
Yes you too,were with us, in mind,heart and prayer
As we are not forgotten,neither are you
We busy ourselves with much to do
New souls arrive on a daily basis
And we gather with them,cause their families they miss
We show them how love continues to grow
By connecting our loved ones to soften the blow
You see, their hearts are broken,they are in so much pain
And we rejoice when our efforts are not in vain
Continue to hold each other up,it's when we're happiest here
We relish the laughter ,never the tears

Thank you for everything,there was much joy in Heaven Love and God Bless
 Nicky and Angie and their families

momma I've Earned My Wings February 24, 2011

I've Earned My Wings

I'm sorry mommy I left you so soon,
I was there when the angels woke you up
I know I was gone from the flash from the start,
Mommy Remember!
I'll always be in your heart.
I listen to you dearly, when you visit my grave.
Please don't cry, be sad. Continue to be brave.
I didn't mean to leave you so soon.
I was looking from heaven when everyone released their balloons.

There will always and forever be a part of me living in you.
I'll be waiting for you here, at the golden gate.
Time is ticking mommy, Please don't be late!
I long to embrace you in my arms.
Don't worry Mommy!
I'm at a place where there is no harm.
I've earned my wings. I live in the sky.
I'm watching everyday mommy so please don't cry!

Love, Your Son

Barbara Pisano Hope you can make it February 19, 2011
Barb/Nicky's MOM Happy Valentine's Day February 8, 2011


momma Happy New Year u always momma December 31, 2010

I love you Daniel you will never be forgotten xoxoxo momma

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