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Life story
May 22, 1984

On May 22, 1984 a bouncing baby boy was born at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital ( CMC Northeast ). He weighed 9 1/2 lbs and was 20 1/2 in.Yeah I know he was a big baby but the week he was born , all boys were born and they were bigger than him. Proud  momma Melinda and daddy Jim named him Daniel Michael after Jim's grandpa . Nana Dottie was there to welcome her new grandson into the world . He was her first grandson .

May 25, 1984

Three days later we got to take him home and we were so excited. All I wanted to do was hold him ,it was really hard to put him down . So yes he was a bit spoiled.

May 26, 1984

Nana was at the hospital when he was born ..she was right there holding my hand ...Daniel was the first grandson. Nana and Papa Robinson were proud to have a grandson .. Nana was just like me though , she did'nt

 want to put him down ...that's what grandparents do the best spoil the grand babies ....

October 20, 1984

Daddy Jim took him to Kmart to have this picture taken ..He was 5 months old ..big boy !!!!

May 22, 1985

The 1st year went by fast . Daniel has 2 older brothers Jimmy and Shane. They loved their little brother and he loved them. He looked up to them and wanted to be just like them.

July 7, 1985
Daddy bought him a swimming pool , he took off his diaper , he wanted to swim in the nude.Boys lol..and of course his daddy let him..
May 22, 1986
Wow in no time he turned two,when they say they grow up fast they do .. oh yes believe me he went through the terrible two stage.But he was still my baby. Here he is with his daddy and his birthday cake ,he was ready to tear into that cake and he did .He had to have his daddy to help him blow out the candle... 
August 25, 1986
February 15 , 1986 , Daniel got a baby sister , he didn't like her at first ..I remember him telling me to take her back to the ha ha (hospital ) . he loved to pick on her . but in time she grew on him .. .
December 25, 1986
Christmas at nana and papa's . He loved nana's rocking chair everytime we went  to visit he always wanted to sit in it ...He was trying to take an ornament off the tree.. I wouldn't give in , but nana did ....
May 24, 1989

Me and Chris (their stepdad ) had their pictures taken a couple days after Daniels 5th birthday ..He was eager to have his picture taken , but Meka did'nt  want to have hers taken ...

October 19, 1990

Not really sure of the date...but he was having a week-end visit with his daddy..this was taken at Shane and Tracy's ..he loved his brother and sister-in-law...

December 25, 1990
Christmas 1990 handsome boy .....
April 15, 1991

Daniel and Meka, they were spending the week-end with Chris and Carol..getting ready to go to Church.. these are such good pictures of them ..I told you his sister grew on him ....

February 14, 1992
I wanted to have the kids pictures taken for Valentine's day..Can't you just see the love between the two
June 13, 1994
10 years already baby grew up to fast he is with his daddy ..look at that face Daniel was making ..he was a funny boy....
September 20, 1994
Here he is with grandma Ina (Jim's momma ).. Daniel looked really surprised .. Grandma loved her boy..he enjoyed spending time with her..
April 18, 1997
Some people up the street from where we lived , their dog had puppies, he and meka begged me for a puppy , so I gave in ..Daniel named him Bart ..after Bart Simpson..that dog was his best followed him everywhere he went...
September 10, 1997

Still not sure of the date..when was 13 he wanted to go live with Shane and Tracy..he begged me ..I remember him  saying it's not that I don't want to live with you momma and I love you..but Shane can do more things with me like taking me fishing , going to the dragstrip...Shane and Tracy I want to thank you for taking care of my son ..Tracy like I said you were his second momma , thank you so much for loving my son....I know he loved you...he attended NW Middle school ..of course as you can see in the photo he was on the football team ..he wanted to be a professional player ....

October 3, 2000

 Another photo from the reunion...Look how happy they are ..gotta love Daniel's hat .....

October 3, 2000
Family reunion on the Brown side ...Daniel , Tracy , Shane , Jim and Devin  (Jim says he does'nt know who the woman was beside him )lol....Daniel talked about it for days , said he had a really good time
June 8, 2004

Daniel  and his grandpa Lonnie (Jims dad ),taken at Kerr State Park in Wilkesboro ..Aunt Shirley took this picture , she says she always behind the camera (loveu Shirley)...this was right before his grandpa passed away..Daniel always talked about how much he missed his grandpa ...

August 16, 2006
Daniel and Qwinton ( daniel's adopted brother ) ...they  look like they were in a deep conversation.. When I seen this picture I told Daniel that it looked like Qwinton was about to get his butt beat ..he said no they were just goofing off having a good time as they always did when they got together ..Qwinton spent alot of time with Daniel ....they were best friends....
May 24, 2007

My daughter Meka and her son Jadin were in an auto accident ..Daniel was the first one there ..he was so worried about his sister and Jadin ..EMT airlifted Jadin to CMC  at Charlotte ..Meka was taken to CMC Northeast, she only had bumps and bruises I remember Daniel and I racing to Charlotte ..Jadin injured his spinal cord .. Daniel  was there everyday to be there with Jadin .. Jadin is  in pt ...doing really good ...he has braces that he wears on his legs ...Daniel's feelings were hurt because he didn't get to go with us to see Jadin walk for the first time with the braces ..Me , my  sister , and cousin went and I made a comment on myspace about the three of us being proud of him ..Daniel's exact words he commented back ...

 Ummmm....The three of us our boy???....I recall being the first one there and no nothing about me....I am kinda jealious that I wasnt there for this!!!!

I called him and told him I was sorry ..of course he did ..cause he loves his momma ..I sent him a copy of the video of Jadin walking and he was really proud of him ...Had to make my Daniel feel better ....

December 27, 2007
Daniel met this incredible woman named Candace Lynette Deese ..I believe they met on Myspace ..She changed my son ..I know I 've said before but I really felt she was God sent son was headed down the wrong path ..then she came along .She helped my son to grow up and accept responsibility .. Mine and Daniel's relationship wasn't what it should have been ..until he met her ...He and I became closer ..we talked more , and I owe it all to her ..Thank you again Candace , I love you ...
October 13, 2008
My son became the father of a precious baby girl ..I had a granddaughter ..I was so proud of him ....He and Candace named her Kelsey Nevaeh Robinson ....He was a good daddy that little girl had her daddy wrapped around her little finger ...
November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving with his new daughter...he was a proud daddy ...that little girl had her daddy wrapped....

December 25, 2008
His first Christmas with his new little family ..he was so excited and  so happy with Candace and Kelsey ..he loved them both with all his heart .....
February 14, 2009
Valentine's day.. Kelsey can make some mean faces just like her
May 22, 2009

your 25th birthday ..I sent you a comment on myspace to wish you Happy birthday and let you know how much I love you and were thinking of hard to believe you turned where did the years go..

here is the comment I posted ...    It's your birthday.. I will be thinking of you today..I hope you enjoy your day ... love you, Momma

June 30, 2009
Close to July 4th week-end..Daniel , Candace and Kelsey decided to go visit Candaces mom in VA. of course they went to the beach and got to go swimming..Daniel said they had a really good was Kelseys 1st time in the water and Daniel had a time with can see the love in his eyes for his daughter...
July 10, 2009
Angel date July 10, 2009.