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hey baby !!! we had Kadyn and Kelseys birthday party yesterday at papaw Jims ..Tracy , Shane , Devin , Jimmy and Alex were also there..we had a really nice time..the only person missing was you !! but I know you were looking down on us and smiling !! It's so hard to believe your babies will be 1 and 2 in a couple of days..They have grown so much !! I know you're watching them ..I know you would be so proud of Candace ..she is such a wonderful mommy ..I'm proud of her.. This will be the 1st October shes not having a baby LOL..but I bet that would be different if you were here LOL ...better not two had your girl and boy and they are beautiful !!! I miss you so much Daniel ..there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you !! I still wish this was a bad dream and I could wake up .. I dreamed of you last night ..that you were still here ..I remember saying we need to wait for Daniel to get here ..I didn't want to wake up was such a sweet dream ..anytime I dream of you it's sweet !!!I know you're here with us !!! Watch over us always and be near us !! I love you always my sweet son ..always your momma !!!!
hey sweetie , I know it's been awhile ..I'm not really writing about any memories..just how much I miss you Daniel !!! I still wish so bad that you were here !!!! I know things would be different if you were !!! Kadyn and Kelsey are growing so fast's so hard to believe he will be 1 and she will be 2 next month !! I wish you could see them ..I wish that you were here to watch then grow up I've said before Candace is doing such a good job with them ..she is a good mommy ..she treasures your babies ..and so do I ..they are a part of you ..I know you're looking down on us amd watching us ...I know some of the other MOMS talk about signs ..I wish so badly to get a sign from you..sometimes I think I when I'm sitting outside a butterfly will fly up to me and land on me and I feel your presence and think its you sending me a sign letting me know everything will be ok.. I'm going through some stressful things right now ..and really don't know how to deal with it ..I try to be like you ..not worry about the small stuff but sometimes Daniel it's really hard ..Jadin just had a birthday not to long ago ..he was talking about you and wishing you were here..he misses his Uncle Daniel were the only one who didn't pick on him stood up for him ..he's having a rough time at school right now kids are picking on him about being in a wheelchair ..I know if you were here you would take care of it ..I want you to know and I know this sounds crazy but I really do believe your the reason we're working with the Shriners I believe in my heart that you put in a good word with God ..cause I know how much you wanted him to walk again ..I believe it will happen ..I love you Daniel and always will never be forgotten you were my first love...I do remember when you were born ..I fell in love with you ..I know over the years Daniel we had our times ..I know I could have been there more and I am so sorry that I wasn't ..I have no regrets..I know you forgave me .....Take care my sweet son and I will be talking to you momma
Hey daniel well i have not been on here in a long time its hard for me to get on here and read everything and all the memories ppl has had with you and im so glad i have many memories with you i think about them all the time like the time we got the trans-am stuck in the ditch cause u wanted to go have fun in the snow on bald tires lol then i had to get out and push you out the ditch and wen i got back in the car and i was covered in mud and water that was so cold lol but i wouldnt trade it for nothing or the time you thought u had beat a corvette in ur car then the vette showed us up that was so funny but the thing i remember was the first night i met u wen we was in the ss and you was in ue TA and u had the biggest smile on your face and from that night on we were bestfriends i really believe it was fate how we met eachother oh joe sold his mustang lol he needs to get a camaro lol iv dreamed about you so many times and i wake up and im sad cause i know ur really not here anymore and that hurts so bad daniel everytime all of us get togethor i always make sure we all take a shot for you but its just not the same without you in our group i have so much pain since u were taken and its not fair that a good person great friend wonderful father had to be taken from us but daniel im going through sum hard times please show me the way and help me in this time i know you will like you always use to i try to hang with qwinton as much as i can and its so weird cause your not there daniel ill never forget you for the rest of my days ill carry you with me where ever i go i love and miss you so much well i gotta go but i know ur reading this as im typing i try not to cry but it hurts that ur not here but i gotta be strong like you would want me to be rip daniel robinson gone but never forgotten
Hello sweetie , Jadin is 8 years old today's so hard to believe it ...I'm sitting here looking at the picture of you holding him when he came home from the hospital !!! You were so proud ..The day he was born you ran over to taco bell to get something to eat ..thinking you had a little time ..when you got back he was already born ...You were so proud of Meka and you were happy to have another nephew !! I know Devin and Jadin are your fave nephews !! Even though you picked on them you loved them and wanted them to be tough like you !!!We all miss you so much Daniel's just not the same without you here ..WE'RE all having our tough times ..but just knowing that you're looking over us there is some peace ...I know Tracy had surgery last week ..keep your eye on her and let her feel your presence..Also Kecia's dog Ice passed this morning stay close to her ..And As strong as Candace is ..she still needs to feel your prescence..she is such a good mommy and I know that you are proud of her ..Watch over Meka I'm sure you know she got your name tattooed on her arm ..she is so proud of it ..And Qwinton and Destiny stay close to them ..and I don't want to sound selfish but stay close to me too ..I miss you so so much my sweet son !!! I love you with all my heart and that love will never stop me a place ..because I know one day I will see you again ..also give nana and grannie a hug from me tell them I love them ..tell nana to stay close to Kecia today cause she needs her ...also your new angel friends ask them to watch over their moms ..we are all so lost without our babies !!! and yes you will always be my baby !!!always and forever momma
thinking about you Daniel as I always do everyday !! there is not a minute that goes by that you're not on my mind !!! I guess you know already but Kecia had her baby girl Natara on your 1 year angelversary date !! It was a sad day but a happy day !! i will always have a good memory and a sad memory (of losing you ) . Jadin and I have been at the Shriners hospital all week . He got his cast off on Monday and had therapy twice a day !! We came home late Friday night . He is doing really well with his therapy , his hand and fingers are still swollen and he has to wear a splint for 8 weeks . that's when we go back for them to look at it again !! I really do believe with all my heart that you're looking down on us and that you are here with us !! while sitting outside at the hospital I seen a praying mantis and I know that was a sign from you that everything was going to be okay !!! I miss you my sweet son and I wish so badly that you were still here with us !!! I know this sounds crazy but I remember how much you wanted Jadin to walk and I believe that you talked to God and everything is coming together for him !!!! I get to see your babies this week and I'm really excited a week is to long to go without seeing them !!! They and Candace mean so much too me I love them so much !!! your sister got a tattoo with your name and I know you would be proud of it ..I'm getting mine soon and I can't wait ! I know apart of you will always be with us with Kelsey and Kadyn !!! I will love you forever ..your momma
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