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My dear Daniel! I miss and love you so much I hurt so bad,I can’t stop crying My eyes always search for you in the sky I feel so empty without you. My heart aches for you!! My dear son! You are my angel I still feel that you are caring for me from heaven! I tell my broken heart that you are still watching over me. My heart longs for your care even from heaven You will always be with me ! I remember you when I feel lonely ,I talk to you when I break into pieces My dear son! I was thinking I gave you life the reality is that you had given me life Please be there in my heart I Love You Daniel always and forever, you will never be, momma


This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Daniel Michael Robinson who was born in Concord, NC on May 22, 1984 and murdered on July 10, 2009. Daniel you will forever live in our memories and our hearts.

Daniel never met a stranger. Everyone he met they talked as if they were old friends. He had a heart of gold , he was the one to give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it. He was alot of fun to be around , he could make us laugh at stupid stuff, if you were upset or having a bad day he was the one to make you feel better...

His girlfriend Candace was the best thing that happened to him , she really helped him to grow up. When his daughter Kelsey was born , she stole his heart, he loved his daughter  and she loved her daddy. They are expecting a son in October and he was so excited about having a son(little Kadyn is here ..he was born October 15..he is our little fighter ).. We will make sure we let his kids know what a wonderful daddy he was and a great man he was. 

Daniel and his daddy had gotten really close over the past couple of years..Jim is in construction ..Daniel would help his dad out with jobs when he needed him to...I know Daniel loved his daddy and how much Jim loved him.

 His sister Meka loved her big brother she looked up to him, she counted on him  to protect her.. when they were growing up she always wanted to follow him around because she wanted to be just like him...when she had Jadin he was proud to have another nephew ..Jadin loved his uncle Daniel, he was always asking when is he coming to see us or lets go see Uncle Daniel ..  

 Daniel thought alot of his brothers Jimmy and Shane ,he loved hanging out with them , especially going to the dragstrip to watch Shane race ...... He loved his sister-in-law Tracy and I know how much she loved him(she was his second momma )...Tracy was special to Daniel. Shane and Tracy's son Devin loved his uncle Daniel ..Tracy said Daniel was there when she went into labor with Devin and she was proud of Daniel (believe it or not she said he didn't panic)...Daniel loved his nephews Devin and Jadin  very much ..he picked on them only because he wanted them to be tough ...But he loved playing video games with them when he visited with them.He was big kid at heart ....Also his older brother Jimmy kids , Chasity , the twins Drake and Drew and Alex ..even though they didn't see him much I know how much he loved them and they loved him ... 

 Aunt Tammy (my sister ) and Daniel were really close.She stayed with me some  and helped me with him when he was a newborn ... Daniel always went by to check on her to make sure she had a soda.... or just to stop in and spend time with her ... also my other sister Amanda she thought alot of Daniel and was proud of him ..she lives out of town so she didn't get to see him much...Uncle Rodney and Aunt Lisa also live out of state but they were proud of Daniel and I know how much he will be missed by them ......

 Brandi, Samantha, ,Kecia, Destiny(sister by adoption ) Qwinton , Zay, Doby ,Amber , Cameron , and Alexis can't forget y'all ..I know y'all didnt get to see Daniel much ,(well some of you seen him more when he came to Tammys )  but he knew y'all loved him and he loved all of you..Qwinton was really close with Daniel..(they were brothers also by adoption  ) .

The Browns, Simmons and Wagoners ..I haven't forgotten y'all..I know how much Daniel meant to y'all and how much y'all loved him and he loved y'all...

 Daniel was Uncle Jerry's favorite nephew , they  enjoyed hanging out together grandma Omie passed in June ,2009 , she was so proud of Daniel always asking about him ..she enjoyed it when Daniel would stop by with the baby..Daniel was a big support for me when she passed away ...

Chris ,Carol, Mamaw Margaret , Aunt Lynn and Uncle Allen ..y'all were a part of Daniel's life were his family also ..I know how much Daniel meant to y'all , and I know how much you all loved him and he loved y'all....

 Nana and Papa , Daniel was your first grandson , I know y'all didin't get to see one another that often , but I know he loved y'all and always talked about you and wanting to come and see you .... 

To Jimmy and Shanes momma Sue , I remember meeting you at Sears to have the boys picture taken , you bought Daniels outfit ..I will never forget you treated my son like he was one of yours ..thank you..

 Can't forget about Daniels friends , some of his closest ones Destin , Ryan, Travis and Ricky Bobby( lol) . I know guys don't tell there friends they love them , but I know how much his friends meant too him , and I know how much Daniel meant to all of his friends.

Daniel you will be missed by all of us..your family , your friends were so loved by many..We will never forget you !!!!!   love you always , momma

Latest Memories
candise dqannile June 5, 2013
hey can i miss u so much i miss him so much i love yall ... o its erica webb
Hey Baby , tomorrow is Thanksgiving ..another day of missing you !!! I love you Daniel and I know I say it all the time but I miss you so much !!! I know you and your angel friends will be having a big Thanksgiving dinner ..cause you love to eat LOL !!! Keep an eye on us and stay near to us as you always do !!! I love you always , your momma xoxoxo
If I could visit heaven, Even for a day,Maybe for a moment,The pain would go away, I'd put my arms around you,And whisper words so true, That living life without you,Is the hardest thing to do. No matter how I spend my days,No matter what I do, No morning dawns or evening falls,...When I don't think of you ♥Daniel...♥...  I love you Daniel and I think of you everyday !!! I dream about you sometimes the dreams seem so real like you're still here ..then I wake up and realize it's not so ...I wish I could have one more day with you ...but like the song goes it would leave me wishing more time with you...just know that my love for you will never go away were my first true love were my firstborn sweet and yes you could be sweet ..I want you to know Daniel I treasures every minute I spent with you ..the last 2 years the bond between you and I was so strong and I will never forget that ..but it's like I said I really do believe it was Candace who saved you ....she's the reason why you and I became close ..I owe her for that ....and your babies they are so sweet ..Kelsey is so much like you ..she has that Daniel attitude's so funny to watch her ..and Kadyn is a babydoll ..he is the most precious little boy he is an angel ....also Jadin says he loves you and misses Uncle Daniel ..he talks about you all the time....we all miss you so much Daniel ...check in on all us every now and then you always , momma
Love you sweetie aways !!!!
Hey baby today is Halloween of your favorite days !! I miss you Daniel ..there is not a day that I don't think of you !! Watch over us my sweet son and stay close to us always !! I love you with all my heart !!! momma
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Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


Bette Clark May your memories bring you JOY thru the holidays December 10, 2011
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my precious baby boy Lovebirds Jimmy and Shanes momma Sue , met me at Sears to have this picture taken. daddy Jim, Daniel and sweetie Candace ..taken at family reunion 2008 daniel and Ryan friends ..taken at the beach earlier this year ... he was such a happy little boy ..he was spoiled as you can tell he was a happy little boy proud mommy and daddy with their new baby girl Daniel ,kelsey and me still had to have that bottle look at my sleeping baby !!! Kelsey ,Meka and proud papa too adorable in his pajamas grandpa Jim and his new granddaughter sleepy time