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Hey... Aunt tammy had her baby about two weeks ago. So we went and saw them. Its so hard seeing your family, but I love them to death! I miss you more than these words will ever express. You were DANIEL. And I've yet to find anyone that can even compare to you. I love and miss you so much. I can't wait to see you again, hold a place for me in heaven. Shiiiiine on!<3
Morgan (:

All i can really say right now is i love and miss you more than i could've ever imagined missing someone.

Kadyn is ABSOLUTELY precious, and Kels... She's a HOOT! haha.

She reminds me so much of you,.. And i'm glad.

Candace is great; she is so sweet and i can honestly say i love her to death. <3

She is such a GREAT mommy to you beautiful babies. :D


I miss you, and can't wait until i see you again!

Happy Birthday my sweet angel , I remember the day you were born !!! You were a precious baby Daniel , but you became a hardheaded little boy !!! I think it's because I spoiled you when you were a baby ..But that's what momma's are supppose to do !! I loved you know matter what you done !!!  Just know Daniel I loved you , you were my firstborn , you were my first true love !! The past few years , I feel like you and I had really became close and I feel really good about that !! I know that I could count on you when I needed someone to talk to !!I love you because you were the who didn't take crap off of anyone .... I meant when I told you I was proud of you , you did become my favorite child ( I remember you use to laugh when I would tell you that )you would say who would have ever thought I became your favorite were working hard taking care of your little family (Candace and Kelsey ) .I remember how excited you were when you found out you were having a son ..Well let me tell you Son your babies are precious ..I'm so thankful a part of you was left here with us !!! I miss youuuu sooo much  Daniel words CANNOT ever describe how much I do miss you !!! Keep watching over us and stay near us always !!! Fly high my sweet angel always and forever , momma
hey daniel i havent been on here in a long time but man i turned 21 on friday and it wasnt the same without u here i always remembered u told me we was gunna have sum fun wen i turned 21 but it just wasnt the same i miss you so much daniel i took joe to come visit u last weekend he really misses u too but me and him hangout all the time and im gunna hold on to that friendship me and him have cause it was brought togethor through u we talk about u all the time daniel we always say man i wish daniel was here or we talk bout all the memories we had with u but i have alot more memories than joe but i have told him bout all of them and everytime i talk bout em they make me sad cause i know ill never have the chance to make new ones with u but ill hold on to the ones i have forever but i looked into the sky and it was really bright then i remembered ur up there watching down on me and everyone that truly loves u i just cant believe ur gone it hurts so much that ill never get to see u again everymorning i wake up i look at my tat i got for u and it reminds me that u will always be with me until the day i leave this earth then im coming to see u but i gotta go im crying way to many tears and i know u wouldnt want me to be liek this but its hard daniel but i know ur up there watching down on me and guiding me daniel i love you and miss you so much u were like my brother from another mother lol i love and miss u daniel

I just wanted to say hey..

Every once in a while i'll look on here.. I can't do it often though, because it KILLS me knowing you're gone.

I have SO much i need to tell you! I'm crying right now, just thinking about you.

It REALLY kills me. I can't look at a single picture of you without balling my eyes out.

I would have talked your ears off by now, like it STILL doesn't seem real, and it's been over EIGHT months.. but it's seemed like DECADES. When you left, so did a part of my heart.

You made such a impact on my life, and i can't seem to let you go, and to move on. You mean the world to me, you always will.. When i'm having kids of MY own, i'll think about you. Because i know you would be so proud of me. Remember, me and you were supposed to get married. haha. I know we were always playing around saying that, but i will always remember that. I also remember when i stayed at the trailor with you and la. And you were asleep early one morning and me, Keith, and Lauren were being stupid.. and i hit you in the head with a tennis ball. & i started crying because i was so scared you were gonna be mad at me.. i MISS that so much! I was scared to death of you being mad at me, because you were always like a brother to me. i consider you my brother. You were so amazing. & i love you... i have to go.

I have some studying to do. hhaha.

but i love you to DEATH. Trust me, if i could've taken that bullet for you, i would've.

I'll talk to you soon, i love you.

Continue shining, and Put your arms around me, candace, kels, kadyn, and everyone else that loves you and misses you more than words can describe!



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