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Barb/Nicky Pisano's MOM I believe in YOU June 26, 2010


Bette Timmy's mom ALWAYS LOVED ALWAYS IN MY HEART June 21, 2010

To my specail angel, may you fly high and be happy in heavenly peace.  I pray and think of you always and my love is never ending. 



Paula/Cindy's Mom Memorial Day May 28, 2010

Barb/Nicky's MOM Happy Memorial Day May 28, 2010


Barb/Nicky's MOM to: Daniel Happy Birthday Daniel May 22, 2010

Dear Daniel Happy Heavenly Birthday Daniel.The skies will be aglow tonight.I hope your mama and family find some peace in remembering the Birthdays you all spent together.Love and God Bless






Paula/Cindy's Mom Happy Birthday! May 22, 2010

momma Happy Birthday !!!! May 21, 2010




Happy Birthday Daniel , my Sweet Son !!! I miss you so much !!! You not being here on your special day will be hard for all your loved ones !!! I know you though you'll be having your big party in Heaven , with all your angel friends !!! You will always be in my heart Daniel and I will love you always !!! momma

Bette Timmy Clark's mom Happy Heavenly Birthday Daniel May 20, 2010

Much love to your mom & family, I send all my love and prayers to you so that you can shine on brightly down upon them as they miss you so much.  FLY HIGH Sweet Angel!!!!

happybirthday-1.gif picture by bclark95

Bette Timmy Clark's mom Happy Mother's Day Always in my Heart May 6, 2010

Barb/Nicky's MOM Happy Mothers Day Mommy May 4, 2010


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